Photobucket… Sorry Folks

As most people are aware, Photobucket has pulled a fast one.

Recently, Photobucket (PB) has changed the rules. No more third party linking of photos from PB unless you want to pay $300.00 a year for the privilege. Fat chance.

Many people are quite upset about this situation, and rightfully so. What this means is I can’t link my photos from PB to my blog, or any forums, or anything else. The really lame thing is that PB gave no warning. I got nothing via email notifying me of this change.

So, if you want to check out any of my blog posts before this one, you are free to do so. Lots of jolly text, but no more photos.

What I was going to do, was go to PB and download all of my photos to my computer and then upload them to Flickr, but it appears there is some kind of “glitch” that won’t allow me to do it. So, I will give it shot and see if I can do it via individual photos, but I don’t hold out much hope.

So, sorry about PB being lame, but things should go on as usual after this. Just with a different photo hosting site.

And as for the old stuff… you’ll just have to use your imagination.