New Vid, and Upcoming Stuff

Howdy, folks.

Just finished the next installment of my Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf D series and got it uploaded to my YouTube channel.

I have finished major assembly, and am ready to get started on priming/painting. I have to say that this kit has been really enjoyable so far. The whole thing has fit together perfectly, and for a kit that comes from forty year old molds, there is very little cleanup to do. The most tedious aspects of cleanup were the wheels and the individual track links for the spare track sections. Other than that, it has been clear sailing. A person could easily assemble this kit in one day, I think.

At this stage, I have all of the major assemblies completed. The lower hull (minus the wheels, idlers, and drive sprockets, and mufflers) upper hull (minus the tools and such,) and the turret (minus the top plate) are all ready for paint. I leave all of the parts mentioned in parentheses off for ease of painting.

This next week, I will be painting the model, so should have a video up for that by the end of next week, or by the weekend.

Next, and maybe before the paint video, I may dig out some of my old model stuff and post a video of what I have. I have some old mags, instructions, and maybe some kits that I built in the ’80s. When I got back into the hobby a few years ago, I was surprised at some of the stuff I have. Hopefully, somebody will find it interesting.