Two In One Week!? Honey Update

Wow. Two in one week. I don’t think I have ever done that. But, in keeping with my plan to get this model done this week, I figured I would do a quick update.

I finished the base camo colors, got a coat of Future on it and applied the decals.

Everything, so far, is going swimmingly… except for one thing.

I have to say that the only thing I have been disappointed in pertaining to this kit, are the decals. It might be me, but these decals are extremely thick. Because of this, they don’t snuggle down around surface detail at all.

Usually, my tried and true method can handle any decal (provided they stay in one piece,) and it was a no-go this time. I usually soak the decal in warmish water until it is loose. Then I swab a very light coat of Testor’s decal solution where the decal is going to be applied, then slide the decal into position. After dabbing off any excess liquid, and the decal is starting to dry ever so slightly, I give it a coat of Solvaset. Usually, one coat does it, but sometimes, depending on the severity of surface detail, I will brush it with Solvaset again. This has always given me really good results.

This time, the decals wouldn’t cooperate at all. As I said they are very thick, and the Solvaset won’t dissolve the decal at all. So, instead of dissolving around the detail (in this case, rivets) it just kind of rested across the rivet.

The divisional/unit markings on the front fenders and the serial numbers on the hull sides worked ok since the area where they go is flat, but the white and red striped markings on the forward sides of the fenders just wouldn’t work.

Once I determined they wouldn’t work satisfactorily, I decided to paint the markings instead. So, the fender stripes and the similar markings on the sides of the turret are sprayed on. I like it much better.

Tomorrow, I will be starting the weathering and hopefully, I will be spraying the final flat sealing coat on by Saturday.


More Honey Progress… And A Little Closer On The YouTube Channel

I am making progress, albeit slow.

I have the Caunter Scheme camo applied and have attached the remaining small parts.

I will apply a coat of Future next and start weathering the lower hull before I join the top and bottom. The tracks have been primed, so once those cure really good, I will paint them and install them. Once that is done, I will put the top and bottom together and spray the upper portion and turret with Future so I can apply the decals. Then it will be one more coat of Future to seal the whole thing, then washes and final weathering.

My plan is to have this one completed this week.

In video news, I have decided to go whole hog on the YouTube thing. I need to come up with a decent name for the channel, and an initial introductory clip.

Until next time, I bid you “adieu!”

Honey Update… Numero Fünf, And A Possible YouTube Channel

Two things for this post: A quick update on the Stuart Honey; and, an idea to make things around here a little more informative and interesting.

Not a whole to report on the Honey this time, but I did gt some paint done. I primed the model using Vallejo Black primer. After using this product a couple of times, I really don’t see myself ever using anything else. I can use it straight out of the bottle, it covers really well, is very durable, and I can use it indoors since there are no fumes.

After the primer set up for a few days, I sprayed some Vallejo Olive Drab Model Air on the lower edges of the hull. From what I can gather, wear and tear caused the original U.S. applied OD paint to show through the Caunter scheme paint. I figured this would be the perfect time to test out a technique I have never used before: Salt chipping.

After that dried, I sprayed some Vallejo Sandgelb Model Air on the lower hull. I am using it as a base before I spray the first coat of the Caunter scheme camo.

Here is what it looks like thus far.

This week I will start the camo paint.

As for the next topic, I think I have been doing a decent job of keeping up on the blog this time around. But…

…sometimes, I find it difficult to convey my ideas and message for my posts the way I would like. I am a hunt and peck typist, so my thoughts outrace my typing abilities. I then get a bit frustrated, and end up cutting short what I originally had in mind. That, and inserting photos and such adds to the frustration level. I want to keep my posts interesting, and feel like I am not doing it that well sometimes.

That said, I have been thinking about what I can do to rectify this situation, and believe I have come up with a solution that will be interesting to potential viewers, and more interesting to me, as well. Video!

In the next few weeks I will be shooting a quick introductory video to post on YouTube. I think that by turning on the camera and just talking, I can do a better job of communicating what I want to do. I want to create a video blog to share with beginning modelers, as well as providing something for other levels as well. Part instructional, and part entertainment, I guess.

When I get something put together, I will post up a link here and see how it goes.

Until then, take care.