Ta-152… Complete!

Well, hoop-de-do! my latest project is complete. The Hobby Boss Focke Wulf Ta-152 C-1/R14, to be exact.

Here are a few things about this kit: First, this is the first Hobby Boss kit I have built; second, it is the first Focke Wulf of any kind I have built; third, this is only the second aircraft kit I have built since ’96, or so.

As far as the kit goes, it has given me faith in modern aircraft kits. Unlike many of the airplane kits I have built in the past, this one went together flawlessly. I have absolutely zero complaints about this kit. The seams needed almost no attention at all. The only touch up I needed to perform was from plastic seepage along the seam line on the fuselage where the melted plastic oozed after applying cement. A quick scrape of the XActo knife, and presto! perfectly smooth seam.

Once assembled, i painted it up. Primer, then a basecoat of the underside color. Then I masked off the lower part and sprayed the primary upper color. After that, was the secondary upper color. Then I sprayed the lower swirl pattern, then the upper swirl pattern.

Once the colors were all cured, I hit it with a coat of Future, and applied the decals.

The kit decals worked very well. I used the kit recommended warm water to loosen the decal. Then, I used Testors decal solution to wet the spot where the decal was being applied, then used the still moist brush to position the decal. If there was any excess fluid after application, I used the corner of a tissue to blot around the outside edge of the decal to absorb some of it. once I had a few decals in position and they were not quite dry, I used a 45 year old bottle of Solvaset to make sure the decals settled around surface detail really well.

After the decals set up for a week or so, I gave the model a coat of Future to seal the decals.

Since the actual aircraft never saw combat (according to sources I have read,) I took it easy on the weathering. All I did was give a thin wash to pick out some of the detail.

Since this model worked out as well as it did in assembly, I will definitely be building more airplane kits in the future.