Howdy! And Welcome.

Greetings to all who enter here.

I have been building plastic model kits off and on all of my life. I have built a range of subjects including, space, cars, planes, ships and armor. My main focus has been armor, and even though I may venture into something else from time to time, I always end up back with a tank or armored car.

I primarily stick with WWII subjects, but have built a few modern armor pieces.

My goal with this blog is mainly to talk about what kit I am building, or what products and techniques I am using. I am not an expert at model building. I enjoy the hobby as a way to unwind and relax. I mostly build out of the box, but have gotten into some extensive detailing at times.

I usually have a rudimentary knowledge of the particular subject I am working on, but again, I am not an expert. I do not fret over precise accuracy, but do like my models to be pretty close. Minor dimensional issues don’t bug me in the slightest, but glaring problems will normally make me skip a kit.

I hope that my blog will be informative, helpful, and somewhat entertaining, and I encourage comments (although, be forewarned: if you are a knucklehead, your comment won’t pass muster!)

So for now, that’s it! I will be posting pretty quick with some photos of my work area, some of the products I use, and my first model build for this blog

Stay tuned.